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Rose Quartz sphere crystal ball

Rose Quartz sphere crystal ball

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Crystal spheres elegantly display the beautiful qualities of semi-precious stones and crystals.

Crystal balls and crystal eggs make exciting and inspirational gifts for men or women to keep on a desk, in a display cabinet or on a bookshelf. Spheres are perfect for mineral collections, as decorative accents, for artistic inspiration or for personal spiritual practices. Eggs symbolize new beginnings, fertility and rebirth. Spheres come in a variety of types, sizes and qualities and our stock is ever-changing. Each egg / sphere is unique; color, and pattern will vary.

Each egg or ball comes with a small clear plastic ring to stand the sphere on.

Rose quartz ball / sphere - rose pink - known as the 'love stone' as it emits is the strong vibration of unconditional love, joy, warmth and healing. 50mm

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