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Pay it forward gift

Play pay it forward with us. Add a gift tip amount - it's like paying for the next person (or people) at the coffee shop - an anonymous gift for good karma and to spread happiness. We love our community and how you all love to give back! And yes a person before you may have added a pay it forward so you could get a FREE lucky dip gift too. It's all part of the fun of wonderland. On behalf of the person (or people) who get your gift, thank you, YOU ROCK, good karma coming your way... may your day be filled with fabulousness! xx

Please note: pay if forward tip lucky dip gifts are packed according to packing list not order number list so it's totally random who may get your gift. We like to think of it as the universes way of saying that person needs a little extra cheer. And based on the feedback we get it truly does work :)