Orca agate and amethyst / quartz crystal cave geode

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Orca agate and amethyst / quartz crystal cave geode

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Perfect for your witchy decor or to add sparkly by the window.

Natural orca agate crystal polished outside with an amethyst / clear quartz cave inside.

Orca Agate, also known as Ocean Agate, is the stone of plentitude bringing abundance and fullness to life and is known for its strengthening energy! Named after the ocean and the orca whale, orca agate is a powerful stone associated with the throat chakra. It encourages healthy communication and truth, and is said to be deeply healing.

Amethyst crystal: is a natural stress reliever that also encourages inner strength, spirituality and intuition. It attracts positive energy while ridding the body or your home of negative energy. Promotes sobriety, helps break addictions; encourages spiritual awakening and peace; transformation and meditation; calms, balances, and clears aura.

Each crystal is unique and beautiful, the one pictured here is an example and is not the actual one you will receive.

Sold individually.

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Please note: Photos are a guide only. The process of hand made and natural (ie crystals) means no two items we sell are ever the same. We think this makes them extra special. Imperfections should always be views as beautiful! Colour, size and shape may vary between individual pieces. Products are sold individually unless otherwise stated. Props are not included. Happy online shopping xx