Minecraft rock / crystal set
Minecraft rock / crystal set
Minecraft rock / crystal set

Minecraft rock / crystal set

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Obsessed with Minecraft? Bring the game to life with our set of crystals stones that feature in the game.

Kids and adults of all ages love rocks, stones and crystals. This is a great way to get your child started with learning about minerals of our earth. A great gift for the Minecraft lover, kids of all ages, boys who like crystals, girls who like crystals, a newbie crystal addict, budding geologists.

Set includes:

    • Coal (black tourmaline or hematite ) – remains of ancient life that were buried and turned into carbon; used for Torches and Furnace fuel in Minecraft. 

    • Lapis Lazuli (or sodalite)– a rich blue rock useful as a pigment in Minecraft. 

    • Diamond or Nether Quartz (clear quartz) – Diamond is a rare mineral obtained from diamond ore or loot chests in Minecraft. Nether quartz is a mineral obtained from the nether world. 

    • Emerald (green aventurine) – precious gemstone valued by villages in Minecraft. 

    • Redstone (fire quartz, carnelian or jasper) - a material that can carry signals and activate moving parts in Minecraft. 

  • Plus Educational reference card noting crystals included in the set alongside the Minecraft mining minerals in which they are inspired by and the crystal properties.
  • Plus Crystal card A5 print

Please note parental guidance required as set contains small parts and sharp elements.

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