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Mermaid money shiva shell crystal

Mermaid money shiva shell crystal

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Purchase Mermaid money shiva shell crystal online now from Six things shop Australia.

Named after the Hindu God, Shiva, the shell represents the Third Eye found in many depictions of the God. Folklore suggests Shiva Eye Shells are “Mermaids' Money” and good luck to travellers and fishermen.

Shiva shell comes from the Operculum Snail, which can be found on the coasts of India, Thailand, and Australia. It is made up of calcium carbonate.

Shiva Shell, also known as Shiva Eye or sometimes Pacific Cat’s Eye, is a stunning natural gem whose pattern is completely made by Mother Nature. ... Shiva Shell symbolizes the creation, destruction and preservation of all the flows of life, spiritual knowledge and the constant change towards the creative visualization.

The name "Shiva Shell" is derived from its resemblance to the third eye of Lord Shiva. In Hinduism, the third eye represents spiritual insight, intuition, and the transformation of consciousness. The spiral pattern on the shell is believed to symbolise the cyclical nature of life, death, and rebirth. The shell is often considered a sacred talisman, carrying the energy of spiritual awakening and protection.

Formation and Characteristics: Shiva Shells are the opercula, or protective lids, of sea snails. They are commonly found in the Indo-Pacific region, particularly in Thailand and Indonesia. The operculum serves as a protective door that seals the snail's shell when it retreats inside. The distinctive spiral pattern on the Shiva Shell is naturally formed, and each shell is unique, showcasing variations in colour, size, and pattern.

Jewellery and Ornamental Use: Shiva Shells are popularly used in jewellery and ornamental pieces. The natural beauty of the spiral pattern, combined with the cultural symbolism, makes Shiva Shell a favoured choice for earrings, pendants, and rings. Artisans often highlight the spiral design in their creations, allowing wearers to carry the spiritual significance and aesthetic appeal of the shell with them.

Spiritual Significance: In addition to its cultural symbolism, Shiva Shell is believed to possess spiritual properties. It is thought to enhance intuition, psychic abilities, and spiritual insight. Many individuals use Shiva Shell in meditation practices to connect with their inner wisdom and promote a sense of spiritual balance. The shell's association with Lord Shiva adds to its reputation as a stone that aids in transformation and enlightenment.

Nature's Artistry and Collectibility: Shiva Shell's natural spiral patterns and iridescence make each piece a unique work of art created by nature. Collectors often seek out exceptional specimens with well-defined spirals and vibrant colors. The shells are sometimes displayed as decorative pieces, emphasising their natural beauty and the cultural and spiritual symbolism they carry.

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