Medium pink banded calcite heart shaped crystal
Medium pink banded calcite heart shaped crystal
Medium pink banded calcite heart shaped crystal

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Medium pink banded calcite heart shaped crystal

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This pink striped calcite heart stone is a gorgeous specimen and wonderful gift for any crystal lover.

Calcite brings feelings of peace, contentment, and happiness. It raises vibrations gently, restores motivation, and accelerates growth and spiritual development. Calcite also helps remove blockages, helping you move past old patterns. In its tri-colored form, calcite also brings confidence, manifestation, and goodwill. In addition, working with this variety of calcite clears emotional blockages, elevates the spirit, and eases feelings of sadness and discouragement. It awakens your motivation and willpower. This unique shade of calcite is sure to bring positive energy into your space and raise your determination. 

Heart stones are polished stones that can be used for crystal healing, meditation and many other esoteric healing practices. 

Endless beauty in each piece. Sold individually. Each piece is unique in size and shape, as you can see from the photos on this page. 

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Please note: Photos are a guide only. The process of hand made and natural (ie crystals) means no two items we sell are ever the same. We think this makes them extra special. Imperfections should always be views as beautiful! Colour, size and shape may vary between individual pieces. Products are sold individually unless otherwise stated. Props are not included. Happy online shopping xx