Lucky dip / fun novelty surprise gift
Lucky dip / fun novelty surprise gift
Lucky dip / fun surprise gift - Six Things

Lucky dip / fun novelty surprise gift

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Our lucky dips were quite famous on the Gold Coast at our Burleigh Heads shop. People love them. They bring a smile to everyones dial - both kids and grown ups.

It's totally random what you will get but as a hint they are all fun. Sometimes toys, stationery, jewels or anything that will give you a giggle. They are all aimed at bringing a smile and a surprise. What is a luck dip? It's a game in which prizes are concealed in a container and for a price a player can draw one out at random. Celebrate your unbirthday with a lucky dip today! Our lucky dips are great for party bag favours, xmas stock stuffers, surprise lil gifts or just to brighten your own day.

The lucky dips are sold as individual items. So 1 lucky dip bag has one item in it, 10 pack is 10 lucky dip bags with 1 item in in each bag etc.

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