Grow a pair of balls naughty novelty toy
Grow a pair of balls naughty novelty toy

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Grow a pair of balls naughty novelty toy

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Grow Some Balls is a cheeky novelty toy that grows in water! These tiny testicles make a great novelty gift idea for men and teens!

Warning: Not for children, keep out of reach.Min Age: 16 Years

Balls! Not everyone has them but everyone, at one point or another, needs them. So if you have a friend who won't ask their crush out, or a family member who won't propose to their love, or a boyfriend or girlfriend who won't grow some and go for that promotion, then we have just the thing. BALLS! This magical sack will grow up to six times its size; Simply immerse in water and watch them grow! They'll enable  the possessor to do and say all manner of things they couldn't do and say without... balls.

  • For someone who needs to grow a pair!
  • Simple to use - just immerse in water
  • Balls grow up to 6 times their size

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