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Zombie hunter lunch tin box

Zombie hunter lunch tin box

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This Zombie hunter Ammo Lunch Box is the ultimate lunch box for your commando kids!

This lunch box says, "Don't mess with me." Well, not literally. Literally it says, "Ammo Lunch" on one side and has space for your name, rank, and squad on the opposite side. "Ammo lunch?" Yep. It's got the intimidating styling of a military ammo can with a sturdy tin outside and a top hinge and clip closure to let you get to the tasty stuff inside. Has a top handle for easy carry when you're coming under heavy spitball fire in the cafeteria. Hopefully its intimidating look will scare off the school and workplace poachers who like to rifle through your food. And if not, allow us to recommend spiking whatever keeps disappearing with a little seasoning. Just remember not to eat it yourself unless you've built up your tolerance.

Made from sturdy tin and painted military green to give it an authentic look and feel, your military style Ammo Lunch Box has the perfect space to carry all your heavy duty rations for the days missions! Keep your lunch snacks out of the line of fire by filling in the "name tag" on one side of your box. You can even list your rank and squad to ensure no one messes with your lunch!

Designed to look exactly like the army ammunition boxes you've seen on Platoon or Black Hawk Down!

Dimensions: 21cm x 10.5cm x 14.8cm.

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