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Wizard of Oz Dorothy vintage collectible cookie jar

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Wizard of Oz fan will DIE over this adorable Dorothy and Toto cookie jar.

Place this cookie jar on your desk or in your kitchen for instant wow. Dorothy has certainly taken control of the cookie collection in this 28cm tall ceramic cookie jar. Turn your treats over to the girl in the red slippers and you may never see them again! Of course, you could just reach over and remove her head. Anyway, what safer and more entertaining place to stash your sweets than in this Dorothy and Toto Cookie Jar? Perfect for Wizard of Oz fans or perhaps kitsch lovers. Oh golly Toto! This cookie jar is a collectible item that is released in limited numbers. Your cookie jar will have an individual number on it. It is hand painted ceramic. Kept in good condition it is highly likely your cookie jar will increase in value. It is a Licensed product. This is a highly sought after, rare collectible.