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Wizard of Oz Disco vintage movie vinyl record LP

Wizard of Oz Disco vintage movie vinyl record LP

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Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! This vinyl LP record is a classic gift for a Wizard of Oz fan.


You ever listen to the movie's score and think, "this needs a disco rearrangement?" Yep - well, it happened in 1978. The band MECO, famous for theirStar Wars and Other Galactic Funk album gave a similar treatment to OzThe album has only been released in entirety on vinyl LP records. Which, if you're from a later generation than me, those are those big, flat black discs with grooves on them a needle replays the sounds from it while a turntable spun it around at the right speed. Every song is not sung, for example, "Over the Rainbow" is only an instrumental. The only songs sung are "It Really Was No Miracle," "Ding-Dong! The Witch is Dead!," "You're Off To See The Wizard" (preceded by Munchkin voices saying "Follow the Yellow Brick Road," but it's not sung), and "Optimistic Voices." There's voice acting as well. The only bits of dialogue is from the Wicked Witch, the Wizard, and the Cowardly Lion, aside from those Munchkin voices and Toto barking. In addition, just before the Lion has his first lines, we hear the classic "Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!" 

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