Wax seal melting pot, wax beads & spoon
Wax seal melting pot, wax beads & spoon

Wax seal melting pot, wax beads & spoon

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Our melting pot, spoon and sealing wax set comes is a great range for colours to be used with your wax seal. A great vintage desk accessory and very helpful tool for wax seal lovers.

The wax seal has served as as tamp of indisputable authenticity; just as a signature is accepted in the world today. Royalty and governments used their own seal to affix to proclamations to give them their authoritative stamp of approval. The first Great Seal of England was that of Edward the Confessor, impressions of which can still be found. During this time, almost everyone had their own seal By using your own seal with quality sealing wax, you will uphold this time-honoured tradition, even in today's hi-tech world. From a teenager to a Head-of-State, a personal seal lends vintage flair, prestige and a personality to letters, notes, cards and even gift packaging.

In set you'll get 1 bag wax beads, 1 melting pot, 1 spoon.

Wax seals not included. Spoon hand designs will vary.


There are several methods of melting sealing wax: we prefer to melt sealing wax directly from the stick using either a lighter. OR use a spoon if you're worried about hurting yourself.

Hold the stick in one hand, aim the flame at the end of the stick, right over the area of your paper where you want the wax to drip. Once you have melted a tiny puddle of sealing wax, shape the puddle into the shape of your seal (round), using the stick of wax as the stir tool.

Stirring brings any air bubbles to the surface. Breathe on the seal just as you might breathe on your glasses if you were going to clean them. This is amazingly effective to create a moisture barrier.

Practice and experience will soon lead to instinct as to just how long to allow the melted wax to cool before impressing the seal into the wax. Once you’ve firmly placed the seal into the puddle of wax, hold it still for about 5 seconds, and then slowly peel the seal away from the wax.

This whole process is “playing with fire” so we feel the need to say a quick word of caution. Take care.

You can get 10-30 seals per stick depending on your skill level and thickness of the seals you make.

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