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Visual diary of the Gold Coast book

Visual diary of the Gold Coast book

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Striking illustrations of the familiar or past gone sites of the Gold Coast accompanied by witty, sharp and tender observations.

Perfect gift or souvenir for visitors and locals alike. Australian artist.

Eric Koo is one of the Gold Coast's ultimate people watchers.


Eric may owe this body of work in part to his early interest in comics.

Starting out as an avid reader of comics with the likes of Spider-man and the Silver Surfer, Eric was drawn to the 'poetry of the background' and being able to travel to different places by turning pages.

You can see the influence in his collection, brought together as 'The Gold Coast a visual diary', capturing modern day scenes with deft lines, block colours and an overall nostalgic appeal.

The images sit together with short messages: 'Every age has its pleasure'; 'The coffee was nice there and the waitress was cute', transporting the reader to meet the people as well as our familiar corners of beach and cafe hangouts.

"They have to be very readable because the main thing is not in the image or the text but in the relation between the image and text," Eric explains.

I've once been told the beach is 'the great leveller' for people great and small, a place where you're expected to dress down and if you're lulled by the sun, salt and sea, lose a degree of self-consciousness.

Apart from their tender, affectionate nature, Eric's images present themselves without hint of prejudice or opinion; in the unpretentious spirit of our beaches.

"Usually I don't like to put any judgement on people, so I just try and transcribe what I observe and put it into drawings," he says.

"I just take notes and let people decide for themselves, I just show them and they take what they want from the drawing."

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