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Trex dinosaur lamp

Trex dinosaur lamp

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Rwarrrrrr. This t-rex dinosaur is also a lamp. Totally cool accessory for a kids room, office or fun lounge room.

You don’t have to be a palaeontologist to appreciate this cool T-Rex bedroom table lamp with lifelike features enhanced by the glow of the LED bulb. Experience the wonder and mystery of the mighty T-Rex dinosaur with this cool lamp. Crafted with textured skin and life-like details, this dinosaur lamp begs to be touched and closely examined. Illuminated by an LED bulb, the interior brightness makes it easy to study the T-Rex’s lights muscle tone and skin. Positioned in a combative stance with an open jaw and exposed teeth, this unique trex lamp truly captures the dominating presence of the T-Rex. Age: 4+ Size: 23 cm tall. LED bulb and 12 volt DC adaptor.

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