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Zombie toxic toy / storage basket

Zombie toxic toy / storage basket

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Perfect as a toy tub or laundry basket, this toxic waste barrel screams smelly teenager or boys stuff.

Now we've got just the thing to complete your bedroom: this toxic waste drum laundry basket! Perfect for those of us who put off laundry until the last minute and need a place to...dispose of our dirty shirts and socks. It would be criminal to force a nice wicker basket to hold your stinking socks, sweat-soaked undergarments and dirty clothes filled with a full day’s collection of soot and grime and all kinds of yucky food waste that even rats avoid like the plague. It is only appropriate that you find a container brave enough to take on all this. This radioactive green bin isn't our mum's laundry basket! It'll keep those whiffy washings out of sight -- way better than hiding them under our bed when someone's coming over! And when we've processed our "waste" in the washer, this basket collapses until we need to use it again. Radioactive green bin screams "hazardous material!" Also great as a toy bin in kids bedrooms.

Size: 21.75 inches tall when opened, 17.25 inches in diameter. Collapses flat.

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