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Suitcase vintage style retro record player turntable - BLUE - preorder

Suitcase vintage style retro record player turntable - BLUE - preorder

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Yo DJ, Embrace vinyl with the coolest GPO retro vintage record player turntable. It's portable and sounds awesome.

Quality vintage sound combines with superior retro styling to bring you a record player like no other. The GPO Attaché is a lightweight and portable record player with a briefcase style design that enables you to enjoy your records wherever you go. GPO Retro Attache Case Turntable. Now you can play your old record collection in style with this fabulous retro portable briefcase record player! Oozing with nostalgia yet so on trend. Stylish, lightweight and available in a range of colours the suitcase record player makes it simple for you to play your vinyl wherever you are. Made of wood and bound in leatherette this briefcase styled record player features built in stereo so you can tune in without needing a speaker system. 

Please allow 4-8weeks for preorder from London.

GPO suitcase turntable

Features: Portable briefcase turntable player, enjoy music anywhere anytime! Built in twin stereo speaker, enjoy high the popular design combine fashion and elegant, Analogy output: RCA connectors L/R Digital output: USB port RPM records: Speed 3 (33,45,78 RPM) Record your vinyl to a USB stick.


Turntable buyers guide

Musicians from Jack White to Dave Grohl will tell you how much they love the sound of vinyl. For a generation that's grown up with digital recordings, vinyl sounds stark; it's a richer and grittier sound. There's a great deal of depth as a digital recording can sound "flat". The surface noise as you put the needle into the groove is nostalgic and it's a scene setter for listening to music. Also, and importantly, there's a performance involved in playing a record, from taking the LP out of its sleeve to placing it on the turntable. A record player makes music a bit more fun.

When choosing where to keep your record player, there are a few things to consider. Make sure that it is placed on a flat surface and out of direct sunlight. The slightest vibration can affect the quality of sound out of your record player as it causes the needle to jump, so make sure that there are not external speakers on top of, or right next to the unit.

Be gentle with the components, using the small leaver next to the arm to lift and lower onto the records. After you've finished using your record player, make sure to turn the unit off and disconnect it from your external power source. Close you dust cover to ensure that nothing unwanted gets inside. Remember to place the plastic cap over the needle as it is extremely delicate.


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