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Smoky black quartz crystal cluster statue

Smoky black quartz crystal cluster statue

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When darkness strikes, protective Smokey Quartz can soak up that negativity like a super absorbent sponge before it takes root.  If you regularly struggle with depression, anxiety or jealousy, Smokey Quartz can be a powerful way to stop those toxic energies from overwhelming you.  Because of its killer cleansing and detoxing effects, this master healer is often used to amplify the energy of any stones surrounding it, which creates a synergy of soothing vibes, the spiritual Band-Aid to your painful emotional wounds.

Smokey Quartz is a great grounding stone during meditation when working with the higher realms. It’s a protection stone from negative energies. It is said that Smokey Quartz attracts ghosts, fairies, spirit guides and other paranormal creatures. Smokey Quartz can also cleanse and clear bad energy and is an overall grounding stone.

A rare natural, beautiful, unpolished and untreated Morion smokey quartz cluster. It is how it was found from the earth :)



Note: This piece is hand selected and one-of-a-kind; you will receive the exact crystal pictured. We cleanse, pack and send each of our pieces to you with the utmost care and love.

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