SELF LOVE bath bomb & crystal pack

SELF LOVE bath bomb & crystal pack

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Our self love bath and crystal set is the perfect gift for girls of all ages. Calms your anxiety, entertains you whilst you soak and makes you think about self care.

  • Place selenite on shelf in bathroom to cleanse the room of negativity (don't let the selenite get wet).
  • Place the clear quartz near your bath to heal you as you soak. You can hold it whist you meditate in the bath, wet it and look for rainbows as the crystal shines in the light.
  • Place the rose quartz bracelet on or near the bath so you can use it as a meditation tool, feeling the crystal chips full of abundant love as you concentrate on your breathing.
  • Run a warm bath, jump in, then pop in your marshmallow bath bomb in for a sweet soak. 

Set contains 2 raw crystals, 1 crystal bracelet and 3 marshmallow bath bombs.

Each bath bomb comes individually wrapped. Store in a cool, dry area until you’re ready to use. Ingredients: Sodium sulfate, sodium bicarb, citric acid, sodium carbonate, PEG-8, perfume, colour.

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