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Seinfeld fun festivus board game

Seinfeld fun festivus board game

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This game is your heritage: it's part of who you are.

Join Frank and his family to celebrate what it means to barely tolerate those closest to you with the game based on the hilarious Festivus Seinfeld episode.

Make your way around the board with your Festivus pole, doing things like airing your greviances and showing feats of strength. Attempt the Ultimate Feat of Strength. If you win, it will surely be a Festivus miracle!

It’s Festivus ... for the rest of us!

  • Travel the board while airing your grievances and completing challenges
  • Be the first to win the Ultimate Feat of Strength!
  • Win the game because you hate your family and wish to spite them


  • Inclusions: 1 game board, 8 Festivus poles, 24 feats of strength tickets, 42 Festivus cards, 1 airing of grievances pad, 1 feats of strength pad, 1 set of game rules and 2 6-sided dice
  • Ages: 12 and above. Not suitable for children under 3 years due to choking hazard
  • Players2 - 8 people
  • Dimensions: (of box) 6 x 9 x 26 cms

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