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Now boho fun unisex watch

Now boho fun unisex watch

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Now is the time, don't forget, for if you do, you will lose it. Celebrate the now and live in the moment with a now watch.

These now watches allow you to steal back time. The only time they tell is NOW. An accessory that wears like a watch. Showing you the only time we have: NOW. Don’t wait for life to start, put your focus where it matters.

Stay in the present with the Now Watch! It reminds you to always be in the moment and never worry about the minutes. This darling wristband's only purpose is to remind us that the time is always now! Grab the world's most accurate watch for yourself and friend!

Unisex size. Water resistant. Does not tell time. 50% of profits went to children in need. Pair on your wrist with bracelet stacks for a truly indie look!

In a world full of distractions it is easy to forget that we are all connected. An obsession with knowledge has lead us to forget the wisdom of simplicity. An epidemic of noise and movement has made us forget the beautiful stillness underneath it all. Now is the time for a new kind of movement, a "stillness movement". When we immerse into the moment we become our best selves and feel the oneness of all things. When we feel one with everything we naturally try to better ourselves and the world, as we do not want to hurt a part of ourselves. Our vision is to bring more oneness into the world by reminding it of the present of the present. By ordering a now watch you agree to become a timebandit and help us remind the world of the present of the present!

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