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Magic plasma ball lamp

Magic plasma ball lamp

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Feel like the Emperor Palpatine from star wars with this plasma ball.

The Northern Lights, the Southern Aurora – nature has the ability to create the most awe-inspiring displays; if only we could bottle it. Oh wait, we just did! Plasma Ball lamp, one of nature’s incredible light shows encapsulated in a sphere to mesmerise and surprise you each and every day. The ball reacts to sound, so whenever you make a noise or pop on some music, you can marvel at the wonders of science! The ball measures a smidge over 20cm in diameter, the unit is powered by a 12V DC adaptor and lasts for up to 1000 hours! Whether you want to give the gift of science or just want to feel like Zeus or Emperor Palpatine with the power of lightning in your hands – purchase the Desktop Plasma Ball and prepare to be hypnotised!

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