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Large fine cut quartz crystal solid ball sphere - 8cm

Large fine cut quartz crystal solid ball sphere - 8cm

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Fine cut and polished solid quartz crystal ball.

Please note: This is a one-off crystal. The one you see pictured on this page is the exact one you will receive. Once it is gone, it is gone.

This polished, natural Quartz Sphere has some lovely inclusions; clouds and veils, with some wonderful rainbows appearing when it is held up to the light. Whether you would add this piece to your collection, or utilize it for scrying and other healing therapies, this is an amazing piece. It has powerful female energies within, hinted at by the cloudiness of this specimen.

Clear Quartz Crystal Balls are one of the most sought after crystals you can get. You will notice the images above are very hard to capture how clear the crystal is without getting a heap of reflection. This beautiful sphere also has some rainbows within it which I have managed to capture in the photo.

The inclusions and natural lines within are there as a natural consequence of how the crystal formed over many years.

Quartz is a Master Healer, and Quartz Crystal spheres are commonly used for scrying and other crystal Healing therapies. Solid quartz crystal.

Approx 8cm dia. Weight: 755g

Large fine cut quartz crystal solid ball sphere - 8cm : Six things shop gifts, gift, home wares.

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