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Gremlins movie bat figure toy collectible statue

Gremlins movie bat figure toy collectible statue

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The coolest toy figure from Gremlins.

The Bat Gremlin is a winged, bat-like mutant Gremlin and a villain in the movie Gremlins 2: The New Batch.

A gremlin drinks a bat serum and becomes a bat-like creature. The Brain Gremlin spoke to the Bat Gremlin that he wants to help the Bat Gremlin be free in the daylight so he injects genetic sunblock in him.

The Bat Gremlin goes outside and attacks some people, specifically Billy's neighbor Murray. He was thrown into cement and he flies up on the building and the cement finally hardens out the Bat Gremlin and he turns into a gargoyle statue.

Highly detailed 6-inch figure has a massive wingspan of nearly 18 inches! Detailed re-creation of the puppet is fully articulated, including hinged ears, hinged jaw, and jointed arms that allow the wings to spread open and fold closed. Comes with a “flight” display stand. Unopened in factory-sealed packaging.

Officially licensed NECA product.

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