Golden healer quartz crystal rough chunk stone
Golden healer quartz crystal rough chunk stone

Golden healer quartz crystal rough chunk stone

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Use these gorgeous crystal chunks as decoration, in your yoga or meditation practice, or for crystal healing.

Golden healer quartz crystal rough chunk is white orange yellow brown. Golden Healer Quartz will restore your body’s balance and encourage peace and harmony.

Golden Healer Quartz: also known as Hematoid Quartz, is formed when Hematite and Quartz come together. Together in Golden Healer Quartz, Hematite and Quartz will rejuvenate your sense of motivation, brighten your outlook and open your eyes to new possibilities. Golden Healer Quartz is a high-vibration crystal and a master healer. Working with the Golden Healer Quartz meaning empowers you to stay in control of your emotions and reactions, even when you feel tested. 

Golden Healer Quartz is a crystal of success. It is thought increase your self-confidence and boost your creativity that will help you achieve success in business and other pursuits. It will help keep your focus and filter out the distractions. Golden Healer Quartz reminds you not to take things so personally. It will also encourage you to move forward after going through a disappointing or negative experience.

Please note these are natural stones. Colours and sizes will vary per crystal stone. You will receive 1 crystal similar to picture. Each crystal is unique and beautiful. The one pictured is an example and is not the actual crystal you will receive.

100-300g, 5-10cm.

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