Naughty gnome cookie jar

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Mooning gnome cookie jar

Lawn Gnomes are considered such happy, friendly little buggers. This is a common misconception. They're actually rude, lewd, dirty little bastards with no manners whatsoever. Just like many of the gnomes in the movie. This Gnome was caught in the act of being a dirtbag and frozen in time, hollowed out and had his ass sliced off for you to fill it up. Stick your cookies in this Mooning Gnome Cookie Jar and show your ass to every visitor that comes to your house. Let it also be a lesson to other dirty little Gnomes who feel the need to be rude! Or pop a plant in it and stick it in your garden. Fun gag gift - A little be rude!

Made of ceramic 240 (L) x 150 (W) x 170 (H) mm

Hand Washing Recommended

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