Giant cast iron vintage style Jack bookend / door stop

This giant jack will take you back to toys and games of old. Made from cast iron it makes a great bookend or door stop.

Looking to add a memory of your childhood to your home or office? These oversized large cast iron jacks book ends will add not only style but a conversation piece to any space. They are made of heavy cast iron and can be used as sculptural accents, paperweights or doorstops. They make excellent bookends.

Fivestones is a traditional children's game played the world over for which there is no formal organising body. Consequently, rules vary from country to country and place to place. The game is also known by a variety of names including Jackstones, Chuckstones, Dibs, Dabs, Fivestones, Otadama, Tally and Knucklebones. All that is needed to play the game of Jacks is five jacks and one ball. The jacks are just a more modern representation of knucklebones or stones from the game described above; each one is a six-pronged metal form - a three-dimensional cross. The ball is bouncy and should be somewhat bigger than a jack. This Jack however is purely for show. Heavy enough to hold the door open or a stack of books up. 14cm Giant Jacks are sold individually not in pairs Cast iron.

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