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Framed single butterfly - various butterflies / moth / bugs in a frame

Framed single butterfly - various butterflies / moth / bugs in a frame

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Framed insects and butterflies are wall decor that is inspirational, exquisite and spectacularly beautiful.

FRAME 14-16cm approx - depth of frame varies 2-4cm. 

Our framed real butterfly and framed insect natural home decor art is highly sought after as both unique and mainstream gift items. 

We stock other framed butterflies not featured online - please contact us and we can customise a quote if you'd like to buy 5 or more. Just let us know a colour theme or price guide and a few examples of what you like.

Choose from:

  • Purple Mountain Swallowtail Butterfly - Graphium weiskei.
  • Blue Mountain Swallowtail - Papilio ulysses
  • Monarch Butterfly - Danaus plexippus
  • Mother of Pearl Butterfly - Salamis parhassus
  • Giant Blue Swallowtail - papilio zalmoxis
  • Rice Paper Butterfly - Idea idea
  • Leopard Lacewing Butterfly - Cethosia biblis
  • Blue Banded Swallowtail - Papilio bromius
  • Malachite Butterfly - Siproeta stelenes
  • Charles Darwin Butterfly - Callithea philotima
  • and many more framed butterflies!

These gorgeous taxidermy butterflies in frames are the perfect piece of accent decor to lend a pretty, nature inspired touch to any room. You will fall in love with the gorgeous colours and unique wing patterns that complement your décor or provides that much needed pop. They are also ideal as gifts for the insect lover or amateur entomologist in your life; a framed butterfly could be the inspiration that starts their next collecting passion.

Available in a range of sizes, species and colours, each of our framed butterflies for sale online has been lovingly prepared by an insect taxidermist to stand the test of time, and continue to look amazingly lifelike for many years to come. These items fit well with both classic and contemporary decor; see our blog for a little design inspiration.

Framed Insects / butterflies are a natural product and as such small imperfections may occur. All the insects are permanently and professionally mounted to the backboard and cannot be removed without causing damage to the butterfly specimen.

Our black frames are not made from real wood. Gallery quality shadowbox frame. Ethical concerns over deforestation in many third world countries has led us to pioneer the use of timber substitute framing. All frames have glass fronts with a hook ready to hang.

All butterflies, other insects and arachnids are REAL! We do not alter, enhance or otherwise modify their natural colour. 

As company policy, we do not trade in endangered, rare or otherwise protected wildlife. We source some of our supplies of common, abundant insect species from Government regulated ranching cooperatives in many countries. Some countries require strict permits for export to regulate and control populations. Your purchase actually aids environmental conservation rather than detracting from it by encouraging the indigenous caretakers to maintain host plant areas and all taxes on permitted insects go toward government regulatory control. Breeders (often called farmers) can be single people or families operating a 'cottage industry' to produce pupae. Small breeders are sometimes organised in cooperatives. At the other extreme, large butterfly farms can have many employees. Hundreds are involved, notably in tropical countries (including Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Suriname, Philippines, Tanzania, and Thailand). Being engaged in such a process can have social, economic, and environmental benefits: "Butterfly farming allows the local community to diversify their income generating activities and to work at home around childcare and domestic duties. It also raises awareness among residents and decision makers of the benefits of conservation."

Website images are as close as possible to true likeness. Some sizings of insect in frame maybe approximate.

Care of your framed insects - All frames are fumigated and are professionally prepared. As this is a natural product book lice may occur in your frame. Book lice are present in most environments, do not carry disease and are best dealt with by following the instructions below. These tiny insects can be detected by black dust underneath the bug. If this occurs immediately place frame inside a plastic bag and put into freezer for a minimum of 72 hours. If you have a collection constant monitoring is highly recommended to avoid these tiny insects attacking your specimen. Keep framed specimens out of direct sunlight and keep in low humid areas. This will prevent mould and help prevent book lice. Correct care for your framed insect specimen will ensure many years of enjoyment.

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