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Framed taxidermy flying lizard dragon

Framed taxidermy flying lizard dragon

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Framed flying dragons are wall decor that is inspirational, exquisite and spectacularly curious.

Frame: 16cm approx. 

Large frame: 29cm approx.

These lizards have membranes ( skin flaps ) along their abdomens which it opens to fly from tree to tree for up to 8 m. They usually dine on ants or termites which they catch by waiting patiently under the protection of trees or branches and wait for the passing termite which they lap up with their sticky tongues. Size is usually up to 30cm in length. They lay eggs deep within the litter of the forest floor which take around 14 days to hatch. The female does not care for the young. They come in a variety of colours yellow, black and red. When the membrane is closed their grey brown mottled skin provides perfect camouflage against tree trunks on which it sits.

All butterflies, other insects and arachnids are real and ethically farmed. Framed Insects / butterflies are a natural product and as such small imperfections and variants to example photos may occur. We do not alter, enhance or otherwise modify their natural colour. Website images are as close as possible to true likeness. Some sizings of insect in frame maybe approximate. All insects are permanently and professionally mounted in a fumigated frame. Our frames have glass fronts with a hook ready to hang on the back. Please allow a few days for bugs to be framed for you.

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