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Dreamer vintage solar system globe plant mobile decor hanging

Dreamer vintage solar system globe plant mobile decor hanging

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Decorative mobile with planets from our solar system that fascinates the minds of both the young and adult.

Gazing up into the night sky brings questions about the eternal nature of the universe - decorate your home with this beautiful and richly detailed mobile to inspire hearts and minds.

Each planet is skilfully crafted and positioned to resemble how it appears in images taken by telescopes and satellites, both individually and in relation to its neighbours, and carefully labelled. Differentiating Mars from Mercury is as easy as reading its tag! The skeleton of the mobile is fashioned from metal struts and string. Hooks allow you to connect each planet to its proper place in the system, and yes, the ringed planet Saturn comes with its own 'skirt' for you to attach!

Hanging from the ceiling, this mobile is an impressive sight indeed. It brings our wide universe a little closer, and would make a great teaching tool.

  • Handcrafted with carefully applied gore sections for superior craftsmanship and quality
  • Uses a complicated 'gravure' printing process (using engraving) for sharper details, lines, and symbols
  • Papier-maché core globe with a paper printed finish for lasting good looks
  • Printed using non-toxic inks for your peace of mind
  • Perfect for children's bedrooms for captivating style, as well as home offices for antique enthusiasts
  • NOTE: Variations in colour and distressed quality may occur due to the handmade nature of the product and the aged appeal of the piece

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