Pyramid crystal pendulum sun catcher
Pyramid crystal pendulum sun catcher
Pyramid crystal pendulum sun catcher

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Pyramid crystal pendulum sun catcher

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Crystal pendulums are often used as tools for spiritual healing and inner growth. We think they also make great sun catchers if hung in a window.

Crystal pendulums can be used to clear energy blockages and gain clarity by asking it yes, no or maybe  questions. These gorgeous pyramid and point double terminator crystal pendulums come as a Rose Quartz crystal pendulum or Obsidian crystal pendulum.

This natural stone pyramid divinatory clock is suitable for use in all areas of dowsing, from clairvoyance to research. The particular shape of the pyramid allows it to capture subtle waves because the pyramid is a symbol of the spiritual development of the human being. The base of the pyramid is quadrangular and symbolizes the terrestrial world, the material world, the world of assisi. The tip of the pyramid represents the highest point of Being, a peak that every man can strive to reach. The edges and faces of the pyramid tend towards this unique point which results in an ascent from the terrestrial world to the celestial world.

Sold individually. Each crystal is unique; shape, size, and clarity will vary.

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Please note: Photos are a guide only. The process of hand made and natural (ie crystals) means no two items we sell are ever the same. We think this makes them extra special. Imperfections should always be views as beautiful! Colour, size and shape may vary between individual pieces. Products are sold individually unless otherwise stated. Props are not included. Happy online shopping xx