Polished crystal ring tray / trinket dish

Polished crystal ring tray / trinket dish

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These rare precious stone hand polished crystal ring dishes make the most beautiful gift. Pop them on your bedside table or kitchen bench

Choose from:

Violet black snow biotite quartz crystal dish - Victorite is the name given to this rare combination stone from Southern India. It comprises of a mixture of violet Spinel, a magnesium aluminium oxide mineral, black Biotite – mica and white Quartz -silicon dioxide. Stimulates cleanses your aura, gives you stability, gives you spiritual protection  and activates all chakras.

Ruby Feldspar crystal dish (pink purple grey) helps to align all chakras of the body to that of the higher self or Divine Source. Feldspar assists us in finding unconventional and exciting ways to reach our goals. Helps you to detach from old habits, encouraging new self awareness and love.

Sunstone crystal dish (orange pink salmon) a gentle healing stone that promotes a warm and positive mindset while boosting self-esteem and vitality. Sunstone clears and cleanses all the chakras, restoring joy and nurturing the spirit. 

Width approx 6-7cm

Please note as these are natural stones each dish is slightly different.

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