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Crystal point generator / tower / ring holder

Crystal point generator / tower / ring holder

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Use these gorgeous crystal point generators as decoration, in your yoga or meditation practice, for crystal healing, or to store your fave rings.

Please note these are cut natural stones. Colours and sizes (4-8cm) will vary per crystal stone. Small rings may not fit on them, we do test them for average ring sizes. Some are wide, especially quartz and fluorite, the rings will only sit over the point at top not on neck, see photos. 

You will receive 1 crystal point generator / tower similar to picture. Each crystal is unique and beautiful. The one pictured is an example and is not the actual crystal you will receive.

Amethyst crystal generator / crystal ring holder - purple - fully polished crystal with cut base. Amethyst connects us with our source & promotes divine love. Potent body healer which counters addictive behaviour, cleanses & energises. Balances the nervous system and brain. Enhances right brain activity. Brilliant for meditation. 

Clear quartz crystal generator / crystal ring holder - clear / white - fully polished crystal with cut base. Phantom crystal quartz generator. Fully polished with a cut base. Generators optimize healing energy & facilitate focus and clarity of intention. A phantom represents a time when the crystal developed, stopped growing and then begins to grow again into a new phase. Quartz the most dominant healing power on earth, receives, activates, stores, transmits & amplifies energy. A master healer that dispels negative energy & provides protection. Excellent for meditation. It opens & balances the chakras & aligns subtle bodies. 

Rose quartz crystal generator / crystal ring holder - pink - fully polished crystal with cut base. Rose Quartz initiates the intensity of true genuine love in the heart bringing nourishment, deep inner peace & healing. It reprograms the heart for integrity & self-love. Teaches sensitivity by clearing stored anger, resentment, guilt, fear & jealousy. Expands capacity for forgiveness, empathy & love. 

Golden healer quartz crystal generator / crystal ring holder - orange yellow - fully polished crystal with cut base. Golden Healer Quartz will restore your body’s balance and encourage peace and harmony.

Tigers Eye crystal generator / crystal ring holder - brown and orange - fully polished crystal with cut base. Tiger Eye is a powerful Solar Plexus Chakra stone, helpful in manifesting ideas into reality and giving courage in times of change. Known as a stone of protection, especially for travellers, Tiger Eye brings good luck. 

Lapis Lazuli crystal generator / crystal ring holder - blue and grey - fully polished crystal with cut base. Encourages self-awareness, allows self-expression and reveals inner truth, providing qualities of honesty, compassion and morality to the personality. Lapis Lazuli assists to confront and speak one's truth and inspires confidence.

Jasper Elephant skin crystal generator / crystal ring holder - patterned almost leopard print orange and brown - fully polished crystal with cut base. Jaspers carry a strong connection to the Earth's energy, making the jasper healing properties very beneficial for grounding, stability and strength.

Black rutilated tourmaline quartz crystal generator / crystal ring holder - white with black. Tourmaline purifies and protects from negativity, while Quartz amplifies energies focused through it. A grounding stone, can protect against electromagnetic pollutions and can keep negative people at bay. 

Pink / purple tourmaline crystal generator / crystal ring holder - pink, white and purple stone. Helps release stress, worries, depression and anxiety. Pink Tourmaline is one of the most loving stones for children as it is calming and centering. It reflects the Light of the heart and love, and is an excellent Heart Chakra crystal.

Labradorite crystal generator / crystal ring holder - raw matt finish - green grey with rainbows in the light. One of the most powerful, versatile crystal tools for healing. Increases and balances intuition, strengthens willpower. Often referred to as the 'Stone of Destiny' as it is believed to help you to find your true path in life. 

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