Crystal point generator / tower / ring holder

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Use these gorgeous crystal point generators as decoration, in your yoga or meditation practice, for crystal healing, or to store your fave rings.

Amethyst crystal generator / amethyst crystal ring holder - purple - fully polished crystal with cut base. Generators optimize healing energy & facilitate focus and clarity of intention. Amethyst connects us with our source & promotes divine love. It accelerates the development of intuitive & psychic abilities. Strengthens and links the access to our own inner wisdom. Transforms illusions into balanced perceptions. Has strong protective qualities that support in times of loss & grief. Potent body healer which counters addictive behaviour, cleanses & energises. Helps psychosomatic disorders. Balances the nervous system and brain. Its energy aids oxygenation in blood, reduces tension & pain, helps aid tinnitus, lungs, respiratory tract, skin & intestines. Fortifies endocrine & immune system. Enhances right brain activity. Brilliant for meditation. 5-7cm

Clear quartz crystal generator / clear quartz crystal ring holder - clear / white - fully polished crystal with cut base. Phantom crystal quartz generator. Fully polished with a cut base. Generators optimize healing energy & facilitate focus and clarity of intention. A phantom represents a time when the crystal developed, stopped growing and then begins to grow again into a new phase. Helping to heal emotional and physical situations, phantoms assist in teaching you about yourself. Quartz the most dominant healing power on earth, receives, activates, stores, transmits & amplifies energy. A master healer that dispels negative energy & provides protection in our force field and environment. Excellent for meditation. Triggers all levels of awareness & supports contact with Higher Self & Spirit Guides. It helps exploration of forgotten memories & self-awareness develops. It opens & balances the chakras & aligns subtle bodies. Aids concentration & generates clarity on all levels. Stimulates nervous system and activates the immune system. Reduces pain, fever, swelling & nausea. Restores feeling to paralyzed regions. 4-6cm

Rose quartz crystal generator / rose quartz crystal ring holder - pink - fully polished crystal with cut base. Generators optimize healing energy & facilitate focus and clarity of intention. Rose Quartz initiates the intensity of true genuine love in the heart bringing nourishment, deep inner peace & healing. It reprograms the heart for integrity & self-love. Encourages directness & the ability to release worry & anxiety. Teaches sensitivity by clearing stored anger, resentment, guilt, fear & jealousy. Confidence & creativity develop. Expands capacity for forgiveness, empathy & love. Balances emotions. Stimulates circulatory system & increases fertility. 6-8cm

You will receive 1 crystal point generator / tower similar to picture. Each crystal is unique and beautiful. The one pictured is an example and is not the actual crystal you will receive.

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