Sweep of tropical blue butterflies framed

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Celebrate natures art with this combination framed butterfly selection - wall decor that is inspirational, exquisite and spectacularly beautiful.

  • 9 Assorted Butterflies In A Frame in a natural sweep formation. The assortment of butterflies come lovingly mounted in a black frame 33.5x37.5xD3cm. Nine real butterflies are set behind glass and are labelled with the individual species name on the back.
  • Please note each combo is totally unique due to the nature of framing butterflies so images are a guide only. Butterflies will be chosen from what we have in stock but they will look very close to the photos shown.
  • Framed sweep / flock of "flying" butterflies is made to look like a natural migratory swarm of butterflies of sweeping across your wall. These are our most beautifully framed real butterfly collections because they mimic butterfly migrations perfectly! The realistic way each insect is mounted with all of the same species flying in a similar direction is just breathtaking to look at.

Buying framed butterflies actually helps the earth's ecology by allowing people to preserve butterfly and moth habitats and populations in the wild. Life wouldn't be the same without these gracious creatures fluttering around our planet.

Made from recycled products. Our framed real butterfly and framed insect natural home decor art is highly sought after as both unique and mainstream gift items. Framed Insects / butterflies are a natural product and as such small imperfections may occur. All the insects are permanently and professionally mounted to the backboard and cannot be removed without causing damage to the butterfly specimen. Our black frames are not made from real wood. Ethical concerns over deforestation in many third world countries has led us to pioneer the use of timber substitute framing. All frames have glass fronts with a hook ready to hang. All butterflies, other insects and arachnids are REAL! We do not alter, enhance or otherwise modify their natural colour. Website images are as close as possible to true likeness. Some sizings of insect in frame maybe approximate. Care of your framed insects All frames are fumigated and are professionally prepared. As this is a natural product book lice may occur in your frame. Book lice are present in most environments, do not carry disease and are best dealt with by following the instructions below. These tiny insects can be detected by black dust underneath the bug. If this occurs immediately place frame inside a plastic bag and put into freezer for a minimum of 72 hours. If you have a collection constant monitoring is highly recommended to avoid these tiny insects attacking your specimen. Keep framed specimens out of direct sunlight and keep in low humid areas. This will prevent mould and help prevent book lice. Correct care for your framed insect specimen will ensure many years of enjoyment.

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