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Bum magic parody picture book

Bum magic parody picture book

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We love a good parody book at Six things and this one is hilarious. It's not possum magic its bum magic in this story.

Book by Claudia Rowe In Bum Magic, we of course meet little Flush and Grandpa Bum. They live in the lovely Australian bush, in a tree. Grandpa Bum likes to dabble in a bit of bush magic. He turns pine cones into poo and wee into rainbows. But his most very special spell is reserved for little Flush - he can make him invisible. Flush have SO much fun whilst invisible! but one day he wants to be visible again. Grandpa struggles to find the right spell, so the gaseous duo set off in search of the perfect pair of human underpants that will make Flush visible again. And so - we follow in the footsteps of a certain little possum, touring Australia in search of emancipation from invisibility. This parody of the childhood classic "Possum magic" is sure to be a hit with both fans and detractors of the original. comment which one you'd like or we will send random

Hardcover - 40 pages 14cm x 19cm, printed on 100% recycled paper.

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