Beeswax tealight candle 6 pack
Beeswax tealight candle 6 pack

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Beeswax tealight candle 6 pack

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Each beeswax tealight is in a flame proof tealight cup, the transparent cup gives a nice glow when the candle is burning and gives off a warm light from the base of the candle.
The candles are hand made and hand poured in Queensland. The beeswax retains a mild honey aroma, there are no added scents or chemicals.  Each tealight candles is free from additives. They are made from 100% beeswax and are completely free of paraffin, palm, coconut and soy wax.  Each tealight contains 20 grams of bees wax. Candles should be burnt on solid flame proof surfaces, out of any breeze and never left burning by themselves. About a 4 hour to 4 1/2 hour burn time.

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