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Angel Aura Amethyst Crystal Cluster RARE geode

Angel Aura Amethyst Crystal Cluster RARE geode

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This crystal geode cluster is absolutely STUNNING and sparkles like crazy!

Angel Aura Quartz is the perfect stone to help when one may feel emotionally unstable or distressed. The energies that radiate from this stone provide a protective shield around ones aura that helps provide inner peace, mental clarity, heightened intellect, and pure serenity.

Angel – or opal aura amethyst is created when amethyst is bonded with gold and iridium in a permanent treatment (meaning you can’t wash it off or remove it). Bathed in these metals, amethyst is magnified to become the ultimate stone of peace and divine clearing. The aura treatment offers additional stability, tenacity, strength, balance, and both emotional and physical sobriety. This peaceful gem opens and empowers the Third Eye Chakra, developing intuition. 

Angel Aura Quartz is a beautiful rainbow coloured crystal that has very positive & powerful

The Angel Aura Amethyst possesses a sweet and loving energy that will effectively stimulate and elevate your mood.

• Great Purifying & Balancing Effects on the the Chakras
• Integrates the light body into the physical dimension
• A Powerful Tool for both Insight

It’s an effective aura cleanser. When you use this crystal during meditation, you will fall into a state of peace and serenity and experience a higher and deeper level of meditation.

Note: This piece is hand selected and one-of-a-kind; you will receive the exact crystal pictured. We cleanse, pack and send each of our pieces to you with the utmost care and love.

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