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Phrenology head ceramic statue inkwell

Phrenology head ceramic statue inkwell

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A desk size ceramic vintage style phrenology head with crackled finish and fantastic detail that doubles as an inkwell.

Modeled after the original English antique porcelain phrenology head inkwell, circa 1860, by F. Bridges Phrenologist, this reproduction is made of quality ceramic porcelain. It features a reservoir for ink and a place to dip your pen nib.

Phrenology was a "discipline" popularised in the 1700's & 1800's, where the regions of a person's skull were attributed to characteristics in the individual such as diligence, intellect, secretiveness, cautiousness, etc. The shape of the person's skull and size of "lumps" were thought to be a way that a Phrenologist could "read" a personality.

While this practice has been disproven by modern science and Psychology, it did lead to the practice of neurology and the association with regions of the brain controlling different aspects of a person's behaviour, abilities and personality. Phrenologists created porcelain busts of an idealised head to educate on and discuss their practice.

This inkwell will hold your ink for Calligraphy or drawing to use with your dip pen.

This ceramic phrenology head inkwell is the perfect vessel for holding little sprigs of foliage. The inkwell comes with a little porcelain flower which covers the inkwell hole.

You get the inkwell Phrenology Head only. The photo props, pen and ink bottle are not included. 


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